Sutirth Mannikeri
BS/MD Advisor

Sutirth Mannikeri

Education 01 Gown

Union College Leadership in Medicine BS/MBA/MD Program


Prospective candidate at Albany Medical College

Education 21 Medal
Working with students since 2021
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Hour rate: $90/hour

Sutirth is a student in the Union College Leadership in Medicine BS/MBA/MD Program. He is a Biology and Economics Interdepartmental Major and is working on receiving an MBA in Healthcare Administration.

Sutirth was admitted into several BS/MD programs and top universities. He enjoys mentoring many students in the college application process. Sutirth is the President for the Leadership in Medicine Student Advisory Committee, ensuring that combined medical students have resources to achieve success.

At Union College, Sutirth conducts radiology research, works as an EMT, and tutors students in economics and chemistry.

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